Coyotes visit Turlock

by Matt Warner

For immediate Release

February 16th , 2017

Coyotes visit Turlock

(TURLOCK, CA. February 16th, 2017)--- Coming off of an extraordinary win last Friday against Soles de Sonora who are one of the top teams in the MASL, Turlock Express (6-11) looks to continue with a winning streak to end the 2016-17 season on the right foot. This week’s fortunes will take place at Turlock Indoor where The Express have been known to play their best in. Visiting Northern California this Friday night will be El Paso Coyotes with the match scheduled for kickoff at 7:05pm. 

The two previous matchups against El Paso and Turlock took place at both team’s home field with Turlock taking both wins. The Express are looking for the final victory against the Coyotes tomorrow night and know it will not be handed to them easily. 

Turlock will be well rested and ready to play at home opposed to El Paso who have a Thursday night game against Pacific Team, San Diego Sockers before departing to Turlock, California. 

Even though El Paso has not had a win and stands with a 0-15 record in the Major Arena Soccer League, they are still composed of a strong, competitive team. 

Leading The Coyotes with a total of 14 goals and 4 assists is Forward David Salas who has carried the team on offense this season. The man in the back with 7 blocks is Defender Leobardo Siqueiros who has been known to be a tough defender to get around.

Martyn Arista continues to lead Turlock Express with an increasing number of 19 goals and 7 assists. Adrian Gutierrez and Matthew Germain aren't too far behind with 12 goals each creating an offensive duo up top. Christopher Welch continues to rack up fans with the amazing key saves he has game after game denying some of the top MASL players from finding the net.

Tickets for Friday's match are available at Turlock Indoor or by purchasing them through our website. 

Make sure to follow The Express on all social platforms to stay connected with each week’s fortunes. Updates of the game and all Live stats can be found at, as well as a live broadcast at MASL TV in our Youtube channel.