Express Face Baja For a Rematch

by Matt Warner

Express Face Baja For a Rematch

 (Turlock, Ca. December 29, 2016)--- Turlock Express (3-6) will host Atletico Baja (5-3) Friday December 30th at Turlock Indoor located on 500 S. Center St in Northern California.

Friday night will be the third time in which both MASL teams from the Pacific and Southwest division come face to face, this time on the northern side of the Mexican Border. In the last two encounters Atletico Baja was able to obtain both wins.

Sunday December 11th was the first match between both Baja and Turlock resulting in a 7 goal advantage win for Atletico Baja over the Express with the final score of 13-6. The second time they met on the same field was a completely different game than the last one. 

Turlock caught Baja off guard by opening the match with a goal, followed by an additional three that kept them in the lead throughout the first half. The Express continued to stay up top during the game.

 With such advantage Turlock began to think of the possible first victory on the road until Manuel Cebreros tied the game 8-8 in the final moments of the 4th quarter. The game suddenly became a nail biting match with 10 unpredictable minutes on the clock for overtime. Baja’s leading scorer Christian Gutierrez had the golden goal of the night that gave Tijuana the victory.  

Two keys things for tomorrow’s upcoming match will be whether or not Baja will suit up Carolina Jaramillo who is the first ever female player to play in an all men’s professional team in the MASL and if Christian Gutierrez who has the most goals in the league so far will be the prime threat for Turlock.


Updates of the game and all Live stats for this match can be found at, as well as a live broadcast at MASL TV in our Youtube channel.