Express fall short to the Stars

by Matt Warner

Express fall short to the Stars

 (KENT, WA. January 20, 2017)--- Tacoma Stars hosted Northern California team,Turlock Express (5-9) Friday night at the Showare Center. Tacoma was lead by various players that ultimately gave them the win. The Stars now have a 5-0 record at home after tonight’s victory over Turlock with the final Score of 7-3. 

Turlock started off with two attempts on goal by Express player Ivan Campos but no luck sided on their part. Tacoma who is accustomed to scoring in the first 30 seconds of the game was unable to do so in the 1st quarter against Goalkeeper Christopher Welch. Although we seen no goals in the 1st quarter, it was quite the defensive battle among both Pacific Division teams who searched for the opening goal of the night. 

Raphael Cox with less than 3 minutes into the 2nd Quarter dribbled past his defenders, breaks through and obtains the one goal lead for the Stars. Tacoma Forward Dan Antoniuk with 4:21 left in the 2nd quarter waits for the rebound and headers one in extending their lead to a 2-0 over Turlock. 

With a couple minutes left on the board Express Midfielder Jorge Carmona surprises Star Goalkeeper Danny Waltman with a goal for Turlock. Derek Johnson is able to sneak one in past the Express defense closing out the first half to a 3-1 game in favor of the Stars.

Speed and mind were the two key components that Tacoma had in the remainder of the match. 

The Stars thrived on turnovers and errors in the back from Turlock that eventually gave them a 4 goal lead. Raphael Cox and Derek Johnson both had 2 goals each. While the only Turlock goals we seen tonight were by Carlos Manzo with his first goal of the season, Jorge Carmona and Arturo Pulido. 

Turlock is now expected to host Atletico Baja January 27th at Turlock Indoor Soccer. Tickets are available at Turlock 

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