Fury End Express Undefeated Record

by Matt Warner

                                                              Fury End Express’ Undefeated Record

 (Turlock, Ca. January 6, 2017)--- Turlock Express (4-7) fall short to Ontario Fury (4-4) Friday night, putting an end to Turlock’s undefeated record at home with the final score of 5-3. 

It became clear in the first seconds of the game that tonight was not going to be a high scoring game as both Pacific teams started off strong and fast searching for the lead to get things moving in their favor.

Turlock began with possession in the first moments of the match that lead to two consecutive attempts on goal but Fury GoalKeeper Joey Kapinos denied both shots. It wasn’t long until Fury player Mauricio Salles passed up Turlock defenders and struck, opening up the scoreboard in favor of the Fury. “Chico” Francisco Cordeiro didn’t hold back and had several attempts on goal. Cordeiro finds what he wants in the 2nd quarter that put the Fury 2-0. 

Express trailing behind the Fury, makes some adjustments that resulted in their first goal of the night by Matthew Germain. Martyn Arista catches Joey Kapino off guard and sneaks one in a corner tieing up the game 2-2 and feeds the crowd with a celebration. 

“Chico” Francisco Cordeiro returns for more in the final moments of the third quarter by finding the net giving the Fury a one goal advantage. Adrian “Kiko” Gutierrez takes on a shoot out but his attempt is denied by the Fury defense. Gutierrez made up for that at 7:43 in the 4th quarter that once more put us at a tied game. 

WIth less than 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter and a tied game, The Fury and Express desperately looked for the opportunity to attack. Express was not so lucky as Fury player Mauricio Salles feeds off his teammates momentum and has his 2nd goal of the night. 

Turlock desperate for a goal switches out Goalkeeper Christopher Welch who had key saves in tonight's game, and seeks help from Defender Jose Martinez as their 6th attacker. Nick Perera finds the opportunity and catches Turlock on the wrong play finalizing the score of 5-3. 

Turlock is now on the road to face El Paso Coyotes and Dallas Sidekicks seeking their first victory on the road. 

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