by Matt Warner

No Luck for the Express

 (San Diego, Ca. December 9, 2016)--- Turlock Express (2-5) in tonight's matchup against San Diego Sockers (5- 2) was unable to find the victory in Southern California with the final score of 9-3. 

Express took possession of the game in the beginning of the first quarter with Adrian Gutierrez’s goal, assisted by Arturo Pulido. San Diego however didn’t hold back as player Felipe Gonzalez responded and in which tied the game. 

Express’s defense held back the Sockers which lead to Arturo Pulido gaining possession of the ball and connecting with Jorge Carmona who finds the net and once more puts Turlock on the lead.

Matt Clare had an amazing first half with an assist and 2 goals that eventually allowed the Sockers to gain the advantage. Kraig Chiles didn’t stay unnoticed as he contributed a goal at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. 

Martyn Arista scored the first goal for Express in the 3rd quarter but Turlock was unlucky after that as the scoreboard for the visiting team remained at 3 for the rest of the match.

Express players Jose Martinez and Selvin Bonilla dropped back defensively for Turlock which prevented the Sockers from a few opportunities. That however wasn’t enough to hold back one of the MASL leading offense. San Diego had a total of 5 goals in the 2nd half which bagged the win. 

Turlock remains on the Road and heads to Baja, California on Sunday to play Atletico Baja at 5:05pm at La Deportiva Arena.      

To stay updated all Live stats for this match can be found at, as well as a live broadcast at MASL TV in our Youtube channel.