Ontario takes home a Big Win

by Matt Warner

For immediate Release

March 3rd, 2017


  1. Ontario takes home a Big Win

(TURLOCK, CA. March 3rd, 2017)---  Ontario Fury traveled to Turlock with their mind set on a win. Tonight the Fury gave it their all knowing that the outcome of the match would have full effect on their playoff position. After the Fury dominated the opening quarter, Turlock was unable to stop the fast charging Fury which resulted in a 12-5 victory for Ontario. 

A strong, fast paced Fury team was seen in the first quarter of the match. Ontario shut Turlock down with 6 goals to none. All 6 goals were scored by different Fury players that ultimately proved who dominated the match at that point in time. 

Turlock had many attempts in the beginning of the 2nd quarter in hopes of getting on the board but had no luck. Joey Kapinos had an extraordinary game by denying a few shots that were thought to have gone in but put a stop to them. 

The first goal for The Express was seen at 7:16 in the 2nd quarter by Jose Barajas. Barajas came back in the 3rd quarter and added another one. Selvin Bonilla, Carlos Manzo and Arturo Pulido all had a goal each throughout the remaining final periods. 

The man of the night for the Fury was Maicon De Abreu who had a total of 3 goals. Leonardo De Oliveira had 3 assists and 2 goals of his own. Oliveira served as a good structure for Ontario tonight. 

Tonight's match concludes Turlock Express’ 2016-17 season in the Major Arena Soccer League while the Fury remain alive for the playoffs.

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